Numerology & Health Entwined

Numerology & Health Entwined

Health Numerology In Brief

We’ve all heard the phrase, “if you don’t have your health, you have nothing at all”, and for real reason. All the achievements in the world can in no way substitute for favourable health. To feel and be healthy is really the absolute most important thing on the planet! Numerology can be looked at for some healthy guidance.  This type of health numerology and the secrets of numerology in general are gaining in popularity as it is uncannily accurate.

It is important to appreciate what the significant contributing factors are to maintaining your overall health. Individuals need to realise what kinds of health conditions and illness you are most vulnerable to, not just for yourself, but your loved ones as well.

With this particular kind of practical knowledge, you can not only protect yourself but also your family. You will then be in a position so as to take precautionary strategies for all your loved ones physical health and well being. If you learn numerology you can begin to understand the nature of your own health path through life.

Insights Of Numerology Health

This insight into your health and well-being is found in Numerology and is learnt by the date of your birth. Assuming that a person you know is ill and they were born upon the 18th of the month, their numerology number be, 1 +8 = 9.

So, in numerology, the person that is ill would be a No. 9. It is quite often the case that no matter what health problem this particular individual is dealing with, is one that a No. 9 is susceptible to. You can discover below, as a preventative insight & exercise, what the most common disorders and illnesses are with regards to a range of birth numbers.

Numerology Health Concerns

Numerology Health & The secrets of numbers

The Numerology Health Condition Of A No. 1

Persons born upon the 1st, 10th, 19th & & 28th of the month, ordinarily live in good health. People whose birth numbers reduce to the No. 1 likewise feature the identical health properties. People will normally experience excellent health provided you do not enable yourself to wane under an excessive amount of anxiety.

Your confident mind will in most cases prevent unnecessary anxiety occurring, having said that, in the event that it does, it can cause a breakdown. You are certainly robust enough though to come out the other side stronger.

The Health Condition Of A No. 2

People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of the month, or whose birth day numbers reduce to the number 2, might possibly suffer from digestive system as well as your bowels problems.

Different kinds of colic, affections of intestinal tract digestion, neuralgia of the intestinal tract, dysentery, constipation, typhoid as well as enteric fever is evidenced and might well be endured.

No. 2’s often experience poor blood circulation inducing anemia or perhaps a weakened heart. The Moon is your ruling planet which in turn implies ‘unease’ is the notable characteristic. It produces mental stress and loss or lack of sleep. An individual may even suffer from diabetes or asthma.

The Health Condition Of A No. 3

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th or your birth date numbers reduce to the No. 3, you will generally possess good health and wellness. Nevertheless, once in a while, you could experience problems with blood circulation along with the arterial system of your body.

Be alert to any type of health symptoms relating to the lumber region, the skin as well as the kidneys. It is not out of the ordinary for a No. 3 to endure chest, lung disorders, throat afflictions, gout as well as immediate high temperatures.

The Health Condition Of A No. 4

Those individuals born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of the calendar month of whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 4 will normally enjoy good health thanks to their physical strength and endurance. From time to time, a No. 4 might encounter difficulties with their knees, legs and possible foot problems.

The Health Condition Of A No. 5

In the event that you were born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the month or your birth date reduces to the No. 5, you possess very good health and wellness. However, be diligent and careful as to what you drink and eat. The consumption of heavy food as well as an excessive amount of booze is quite often the ‘man-made’ health undoing of the No. 5.

The weakness of the No. 5 is their ill temper and sometimes anxious inclination. Whenever anxiety and stress is experienced, a sense of uneasiness can escalate dramatically. Some kind of meditation or Yoga exercise is good enough to lessen the stress experienced.

The Health Condition Of A No. 6

Number 6 is for individuals born upon the 6th, 15th, or 24th of the calendar month or whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 6, health-wise, is generally good. High temperature is something that is usually endured by a No. 6, such as, colds and flu. Generally there is a propensity to have to deal with nerves however, the condition is not chronic.

The Health Condition Of A No. 7

If you were born on the 7th, 16th, 25th or whose birth numbers reduce to No. 7, your main problem is your nervous system. Almost all the health issues that a No. 7 has to deal with, generally speaking, can be rooted in and to the nervous system. A No. 7 will generally endure faulty blood circulation, stomach disorders and fevers.

A No. 7’s health can be affected due to over-activity, and over-excitement. It is essential therefore, that one always have enough rest after physical exertion or exercise.

The Health Condition Of A No. 8

Those individuals born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of the calendar month or whose birth numbers reduce to No. 8 may discover that they have to deal with nervousness, extremities issues, teeth and ear canal complications. In addition, paralysis can regularly be identified with people governed with number 8.

Depression is similarly in the numbers for a No. 8, so rest ought to be taken very seriously. Look out for haemorrhoids and also vein issues too.

The Health Condition Of A No. 9

Those born upon the 9th, 18th, or 27th of the calendar month and whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 9 can often discover that their health conditions are caused by heat.

No. 9’s often-times endure complications with the gallbladder, heatstroke, throat and bronchi complications. The consumption of greasy foods and excessive alcohol consumption should really be avoided given that these do not bode well with regard to a No. 9.

Read some short articles about how to learn numerology and even it’s influences on your personality. It’s a real eye opener.

The Hyperhidrosis Sufferer

The Hyperhidrosis Sufferer

Hyperhidrosis – The Excessive Sweating Condition

The word Hyperhidrosis is phonetically pronounced, ‘hi-pur-hi-DROE-sis’. It’s a health condition referring to irregular or extreme sweating that is not necessarily connected to heat or excessive physical exercise. For some sufferers it might cause them to sweat so seriously that their clothes become drenched or sweat can quite literally drip from their hands.

Such intense sweating can cause the individual enormous humiliation and social anxiety that can be a serious disruption to their general daily life. It really is no wonder that sufferers are literally searching for the cure.

Hyperhidrosis Facts

Despite the fact that hyperhidrosis is a somewhat rare health issue numerous intriguing facts have been observed. The key points observed:

  • Heavy sweating has a tendency to commence during the course of adolescence
    7.8 million Americans are quoted to suffer from excessive sweating
  • The feet, hands, face, as well as armpits are generally most commonly affected
  • Treatments of all types have been discovered to diminish symptoms

Excessive Sweating Issues

Exerting ourselves whenever we train, are under strain, anxious or are in a hot environment, is when many people sweat.

Commonly, in these circumstances, only ordinary sweating is experienced. However, with regard to hyperhidrosis sufferers, their sweating patterns are actually elevated, excessive and unnatural.

Excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis & Sweating Medical Condition

Sweaty palms, sweaty underarms, perspiring feet and facial sweating are the break out areas brought on by hyperhidrosis. It can be periodic or continuous. Intermittent excessive sweating is generally experienced a minimum of once a week, during the course of woken hrs.

The medical affliction of Hyperdidrosis requires serious as well as focused handling. It can not be brushed off in the hope that it will vanish or one could ‘grow out of it’.

The Hypothalamus

Hypothalamus is actually a part of the human brain that is accountable for all sweat associated functions of the physical body. The hypothalamus activates the sweat glands, which are responsible with respect to generating sweat, by transmitting signals to the glands through the medium of the bodies nervous system.

A man or woman sweats, in normal circumstances, whenever the temperature level in their environment increases or when that person experiences physical exertion. When it comes to a person suffering from excessive sweating, the sweat glands produce excess sweat for no obvious reason, and continuously.

Masking Remedies For Heavy Sweating

Symptoms can be improved for sufferers through the use of masking agents, that have the ability to dramatically improve their lifestyle and daily activities.

  1. Underarm sweating shields– pads worn in the underarm to protect a garment from sweating.
  2. Antiperspirants– deodorants do not prevent armpit sweating, however, antiperspirants sprays do. Many prescription antiperspirants include aluminum chloride, which seals the sweat glands.
  3. 100% natural Shoes– synthetic materials are most likely to intensify sweaty feet symptoms. Natural products, such as leather, are highly recommended and will help avoid fungal infections.
  4. Organic Garments– various man-made fibers, for instance, nylon, can intensify symptoms. Loose clothing is much better.
  5. Organic Socks– some socks are a lot better at absorbing dampness coming from sweaty feet, such as thick, comfy ones comprised of natural fibres.

Is There A Cure For Hyperhidrosis?

In short, Yes. So, if you struggle with hyperhidrosis and would like to learn how to treat your hyperhidrosis permanently you would do well to visit the Hyperhidrosis Cure website

Types Of Skin Disease

Types Of Skin Disease

3 Primary Forms Of Skin Disease

All skin disease and ailments are not comparable, and this makes things hard to determine the severity of a case, merely by the appearance of the skin problem.

For this reason, it is often better to secure the services of a skin specialist to pinpoint exactly what type of skin condition you might have and to recommend the most effective course of medical treatment.

Despite the fact that in many situations, you might have the ability to recognize some outbreaks nevertheless understand that some breakout happens as a result of infection, bacteria, fungus in addition to viral.

Body Rashes

Rashes that spread over time take place in many cases because of inflamed skin conditions. This form of outbreak is treatable and will disappear completely in a couple of months.

In incidents of atopic chronic eczema and dermatitis, the rashes may well arise as a result of allergic reaction and ordinarily are not severe as in the instance of dystrophic epidermolysis, which can possibly be deadly if left untreated.

Dystrophic epidermolysis often tends to trigger blister on the hands, knees, elbows and feet and typically is genetic.

One can easily recognize some inflammatory skin disease by assessing the scalp. Typically people experiencing skin psoriasis can tell by assessing their scalp. Despite the fact that psoriasis is not curable, there are products readily available to alleviate the problem, and the rashes generally disappear temporarily.

Viral Skin Disease

Viral skin diseases occur as a result of contagious diseases include the herpes simplex virus and chicken pox. Herpes escalates because of various types of physical contact and might appear for several days and then vanish until the next outbreak.

There is no cure when it comes to this health issue, nevertheless there is a wide variety of treatment options. Chicken pox conversely begins on the stomach and spreads to the entire body and last for numerous weeks. Chicken pox is avoidable with vaccination, that is commonly part of your immunization schedule regimen.

Fungal Skin Disease

Fungal skin diseases are incredibly common and escalate aggressively. This classification includes athlete’s foot as well as ringworm, that are curable and treatable with over the counter medicine.

Athlete’s foot materializes as a result of sweaty feet and itches and burn whilst ringworm arises due to sweating and inappropriate hygiene or transmitted by animals.

Getting Rid Of Toenail FungusRingworm has a bright reddish ring-shaped appearance and a lighter red appearance around the center or in some cases white colored in the center and spreads unless treated. It can also be a primary cause of toenail fungus!

These are merely a few of the typical skin diseases. If you should possess any one of these conditions, deal with the condition quickly to prevent additional outbreak. Make sure to seek advice from your physician if you feel having skin problems since you might be sensitive to particular skin care products.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture

Does Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Work?

Modern medical acupuncture is something of an oddity to many, the Medical Journal of the American Medical Association cites that, “the proof now available, regarding acupuncture, is sufficient to put this olden Chinese recovery fine art, updated to US standards, on a solid scientific base.” A deep analysis was published by the Healthcare Medical Institute

Medical Acupuncture Techniques

The Journal essentially states that acupuncture should be mainstream as an alternative to numerous pharmaceutical and surgical options, adding that it relieves patients from much stress, anxiety and has very authentic medicinal benefits.

The Human Brain At Work

Acupuncture offers medicinal options to patients. It is widely recognised and scientifically proven that the brain has the ability to regulate and manage many medicinal and healing chemicals within and throughout the body. This has been cited in many published papers, most notably, the British Medical Journal.

When medical professionals at London’s St Bartholomew’s Hospital undertook a focused study, they found that there was a striking rise in endorphin levels within the cerebrospinal liquid (CSF) of people who experienced modern medical acupuncture, when compared with volunteers in the study group that did not.

The primary questions were these:

  • How does it function?
  • Is it genuinely ‘scientific’?
  • or is it a circumstance of ‘mind over matter’?
  • Might it perhaps even be connected with spiritualism?

Precisely how contemporary medical acupuncture works, is still a mystery to modern day doctors. As admitted, the specifics of the clinical study are not called into contention even by the most passionate skeptics.

Some believe that the process of undergoing acupuncture might in some way be associated to a form of hypnosis. Contemporary clinical acupuncture was contrasted by an American orthopedist to that of consuming water from Lourdes, in France, or having Oral Roberts touch people that subsequently shout, “I’m healed!”.

The initiation of the clinical acupuncture training has grown significantly over the past 15-20yrs and more people are consulting such alternatives as a substitute to ‘popping pills’ or undergoing extremely expensive and risky surgical treatments.

In Closing…

As more studies are being clinically carried out, the art or practice of acupuncture is becoming ever more common place around the world. Will all modern day doctors embrace the ‘old ways’, even when proven? It is doubtful.

Whilst they procrastinate and deliberate over the benefits of acupuncture, there are many that experience those deliberated benefits on a daily basis.

Natural Scar Removal

Natural Scar Removal

The Best Solutions For Natural Scar Removal

A scar manifests on the skin whenever it experiences trauma but many scars will get lighter as well as less noticeable over time nevertheless in some cases a scar might require a little nudge so as to get going. In nay event, it is advisable to use natural scar removal methods.

You need to recognize exactly what kind of scar you have to ensure that you can employ a suitable technique in order to get rid of them.

Scars can possibly come about as a result of surgeries, injuries, insect bites, acne, illnesses, burns and numerous other factors in life. Getting rid of those scars is a different mater but below we give you a good range of techniques:

100% Natural Methods

There are lots of household items or rather food that might help in order to get rid of body scars naturally. Listed below are a number of you may perhaps would like to give a shot!

Onions For Natural Scar RemovalOrganic Onions

Did you realize that onions comprise of anti-inflammatory qualities? This increases the skin’s natural collagen, which, subsequently, decreases scarring. It can also be employed to eliminate aged scarring on the skin.

You can massage your skin using onions and enable the naturally healthy secretion to support your skin with the healing process, or buy onion lotion or gel and use that on your skin.

Olive Oil For Natural Scar RemovalOrganic Olive oil

Use 100% pure olive oil two times a day, and watch your scars disappear. Olive oil is healthy not simply for your body but likewise the skin, nails as well as hair.

Lemons For Natural Scar RemovalNatural Lemons

Lemons are recognized to consist of very high amounts of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids. These particular active ingredients aid in getting rid of dead skin cells as well as rejuvenating the skin whilst at the same time lightening it, and will remove body scars naturally.

Clean the local area of skin specifically where you’ll be administering the lemon, and then administer lemon juice making use of a cotton bud. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe the skin using a damp cloth. Do not enter into direct sunshine soon after applying this except if you use sun block.

Organic Honey For Natural Scar RemovalOrganic Honey

Unprocessed all-natural honey has been utilized for hundred of years in order to minimize and eliminate scars naturally. In order to use it, mix an identical part honey with the exact same quantity of baking soda and carefully massage onto the scar area.

Administer for about 5 minutes then cover are using a hot towel and wait for the towel to cool. When cooled remove and clean the area.

Natural honey and baking soda rejuvinate the skin as well as promote tissue growth. This can additionally be utilized on minor cuts, insect bites or scrapes.

You could also use the honey by itself together with frequent treatment, your scars will eventually fade and eventually become unnoticeable. Who would have thought that you could produce your very own natural scar removal cream just by mixing honey and baking soda together?

Free Range Eggs For Natural Scar RemovalFree Range Eggs

The white of an egg comprises of a great deal of protein that might rejuvenate your skin. This might be applied two or three times a day. Administer to scarred areas, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe clean and watch your scars fade away over time.


All-Natural Plant Oils

There is similarly a wide array of various other natural items that are able to assist your skin in order to restore its healthy appearance as well as feel. Below are several oils to think about trying so as to hasten your scar removing activities:

Organic Castor oil

With respect to this particular treatment, you will need a food plastic wrap which does not consist of Bispherol A and a heating pad. Administer your all-natural castor oil to the scarred area and wrap the area in food plastic.

Use the heating pad as hot as is comfortable to warm up the local area. 20 to 30 mins is all that you require once daily and you will observe the scar gradually reduce.

Pure Lavender oil

Lavender oil is abundant in natural restorative healing properties, and will fade and aid the scar removal process over time, and eventually eliminate all signs of it. Rub it right into the scarred area of skin.

All Natural Tea tree oil

This particular plant oil possesses a terrific anti-bacterial quality. With frequent use, it will get rid of acne as well as surgical scars. When applying this on the face or sensitive skin areas, it is highly recommended to dilute it with some water prior to administering.

Organic Flaxseed oil

This oil can be gotten in the majority of health and wellness retail stores and can be administered several times a day. It is particularly recommended shortly after a bath or shower and also re-application prior to bed.

Revitol Scar Cream For Free Range Eggs For Natural Scar Removal100% All Natural Scar Removal Products

If you are the type who would prefer not to go through any of the above or maybe do not have the spare time, you can always rely on a ready made 100% all natural solution. You might want to check out Revitol Creams as they produce a 100% natural scar removal cream that has a great track record of getting results for its users. Try it as an alternative to the above suggestions.

Help make those body scars vanish

You can also make use of natural and organic cocoa butter or shea butter. Administering this to your skin frequently will not merely remove scar marks, but additionally hydrate the skin.

Tropical creams high in vitamin K is another wonderful product to remove scar marks just as are gooseberry extract/juice and vitamin E creams.

There is a wide variety of products you could possibly use in order to get rid of body scars naturally Bid farewell to your scars, awkwardness and face the world with a revitalized look.

Contact our team know if you know of some other products that are really good with respect to removing scars naturally.

How To Store Cucumbers For A Longer Life

How To Store Cucumbers For A Longer Life

Understanding the best ways to store cucumbers is very important if you wish to enjoy the fruit of your harvest all winter long, or merely prolong the life of your cucumber simply by a few added days.

How To Store Cucumbers

Before you store your cucumbers, you must understand the best ways to decide on the best vegetables. When choosing a cucumber, make sure that it is firm all the way throughout, also at the ends.

With regards to its aesthetic look, opt for a cucumber with an even as well as rich green color, and one that is does not have any kind of imperfections or bruises.

Store Cucumbers

While lots of people want the largest cucumber they can find, these will additionally have much bigger seeds, that make them much less enticing to some individuals.

Once you select a really good cucumber, you can store cucumbers (whole) in the family fridge, however do not store it on the counter.

If you place it in the refrigerator, it will only keep for 5 days or so before it starts to dry out and lose its firmness. If you are intending on making use of the vegetable quickly, then this approach ought to work just fine.

To prolong the freshness of your cucumber perhaps even longer, the most effective technique is to wrap the vegetable in a moist paper towel then put this wrapped cucumber in a plastic bag. Eliminate the majority of the air from the bag prior to putting it in the family fridge.

Extending Storage

If you wish to freeze your cucumber, cut it into slices after carefully cleaning the vegetable. Bring a pot of water to boil then drop in the cucumber for 1-2 minutes.

Remove them swiftly and promptly put them in a bowl of ice water for an additional 1-2 minutes. At this moment, completely dry them fully, and freeze them on a cookie sheet, individually, prior to storing them in a large deep freeze bag.


The Positive Benefits Of Cucumber Water

The Positive Benefits Of Cucumber Water

Drinking cucumber water might not appear like a sure fire approach to enhance your health and wellness, but it provides a variety of unexpected advantages and is extremely simple to prepare.

What Is Cucumber Water?

Cucumber Water Pitcher PicQuite simply, cucumber water is water that is infused with cucumbers, by immersing and bathing cucumber slices in a pitcher of water.

This is extremely easy and the active ingredients of the cucumber permeate the water, enhancing your overall nutritional absorption. Drinking water is a fundamental part of any healthy diet regimen, so tweaking the formula slightly in order to strengthen its impact would be a good decision.

Nutritional Composition Of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are comprised predominantly of water, which is exactly why this kind of water is so preferred in detoxifying cleanses. This drink is endowed with the earthy, stimulating flavour of cucumbers, in addition to lots of other nutritional value and active ingredients.

Drinking cucumber infused water will certainly boost your vitamin C levels, together with beta-carotene, manganese, molybdenum, and a variety of other anti-oxidants, including cucurbitacin.

Cucumbers likewise comprise of silica, which possesses a variety of favorable effects on the body. Most significantly, however, this is a great tasting and unique twist on a common glass of water that will definitely keep you going back for more.

Benefits Of Cucumber Infused Water

There are many advantages to drinking cucumber infused water, such as; enhanced skin care, weight reduction, chronic disease, cardiovascular health, and bone density, to name a few.

Skin Care

There are a lot of anti-oxidants and antioxidising vitamin and minerals found in cucumbers that can assist with skin health, as anti-oxidants have the ability to counterbalance free radicals, which minimizes oxidative stress and anxiety, the effect that can bring about wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, and loose skin as you age.

Weight Loss

This water is tremendously good at filling you up. Water is typically great at this due to the fact that thirst is frequently confused for food cravings. When you make cucumber infused water a greater element of your diet regimen, it will help prevent some of the overindulging as well as needless snacking in between mealtimes that can de-rail any dietary plan.

Heart Issues

Cucumber infused water is a superb means to boost your blood potassium levels, which is a critical electrolyte for overall health. Potassium additionally functions as a vasodilator to decrease blood pressure and lower strain on the cardiovascular system, thereby lowering your risk of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, strokes and coronary cardiovascular disease.

Bone Density

There aren’t many minerals in cucumber water, it does contain silica and manganese, among other trace elements. This can aid to strengthen the bones and decrease your risk of weak bones as you age.


Cucumbers comprise of a distinct compound referred to as cucurbitacin, that serves as a highly effective anti-oxidant in the body. In the last few years, this specific compound has been the topic of a large amount of research study, and it has been discovered that drinking infused cucumber water can reduce your risk of prostate related cancer, among others.


Drinking cucumber infused water means drinking a good deal of water, which in turn can help to cleanse the body and increase urination. This means the poisonous substances in your body will be removed much faster, lowering the pressure on your metabolic system.

Muscle Strength

Among one of the distinct components of cucumber is silica, which is a mineral that is hardly ever talked about in association to humanistic health. It is a vital part of connective tissue in the body, and can, therefore, help muscle growth and tone.

To ensure you always have a nice fresh supply of cucumber, you need to store them in the right conditions. Learn how, here

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